All About Case Overflow

What is Case Overflow?

Case Overflow is a patent pending addition to Ngage Live Chat – it allows lawyers to instantaneously send potential clients (chats), that don’t apply to their practice to other lawyers within the Ngage network.

How does Case Overflow work?

When a lawyer receives a chat that falls outside the scope of their practice (either outside their geographic location, outside their practice areas or simply ‘not exactly the type of case they handle’) they can now simply hit a button that “sends the chat into case overflow”.

Upon doing so, the visitor (who initiated the chat) is automatically sent an email informing them that the law firm they contacted cannot handle their situation (due to the limitations mentioned above) but that another law firm within their network could potentially help.

The visitor must then opt in, by clicking “yes” for the process to continue. When they click “yes”, all relevant law firms (who have opted into Case Overflow) are notified of the potential opportunity if it fits the scope of their practice.

It is first come first serve – so the law firm that responds to the notification first, can select the chat within Case Overflow and receive access to the full chat transcript.

How much does Case Overflow cost?

Zero additional cost but you must be an Ngage client. All Ngage clients who “opt in” to Case Overflow can participate for free. However, Ngage reserves the right to remove participates who violate the terms of the service.

Why was Case Overflow created?

1. Efficiency! A visitor who took the time to chat with a firm, no longer has to start from scratch and re-explain their situation; likewise they do not have to repeat their search. Case Overflow helps connect visitors to lawyers who can and want to help.

2. Over the past 4+ years, many lawyers have requested that Ngage create a system like Case Overflow.

3. Value! As one of our clients stated, “Let’s leverage the whole cow.” Our clients receive thousands of viable leads that they personally can not handle (out of practice area, out of their geographic location, etc). However, the odds are very strong that we have another firm in the “Ngage Family” that can service this potential client. Why not help one of your Ngage brothers or sisters. Let’s create the biggest referral network in the legal industry together.

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