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The Lead Review: Ngage will “pay for itself very quickly.”

Ngage Live Chat got a nice write-up over on The Lead Review. John Mcdougall explains the many benefits Ngage on legal websites. Read the article here.

A Better Workspace For Busy Attorneys

Attorney Home Office Desk Setup

Getting Things Done Guru, David Allen gives us a sneak peak at his home office, including labels. Busy Attorneys can possible get control of their crazy desks by following the lead of this efficiency expert.

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The Best Ways To Get More ReTweets – Professional Marketing on Twitter



Best Ways To Get More ReTweets – Professional Marketing on Twitter

One of the best ways, yet often disregarded, ways for Professionals to get more Twitter traffic is to simply get more retweets.

There are a number of techniques to increase your retweets and here are a few of our favorites:

Obviously you need to write great content and include your Twitter buttons in your website; make getting more retweets both easy and convenient.

In addition, you should add links in your tweets. Almost 60% of all retweets contained links meaning that if your tweet has a link it is more likely to get retweeted.

You may also want to consider adding retweet buttons throughout the text of your blogs and articles. Again, this goes with the theme of making retweeting easy and convenient.

Tweet Quotes: People love quotes and if you tweet a good one they are more likely to retweet it to their friends then some boring, uninspiring, gibberish. Tweet a inspiring quote and it is likely to get retweeted.

Use Big Words: According to studies, tweets that contained words with more syllables are more likely to be retweeted than similar tweets with small, unimaginative words. So, don’t dumb down your tweets if you want to get more retweets.

Timing Is Important: The majority of Twitter users are in East Coast Time and a large number of retweets happens at, or around 5 PM EST. In addition, tweets on Wednesday get the most visibility. So, to get more retweets, time your tweet for Wednesday at 5 PM EST.

Twitter can be a great marketing tool for Professionals in many different fields and the rule of thumb is that if you consistently tweet interesting, helpful information your followers will increase and you will get more retweets.

Is Social Proof More Powerful Than Credentials?

When it comes to Lawyer Marketing, so often we are compelled to try and convince our potential new customers that we are the right choice for them. We do this by drawing attention to our credentials, awards, accolades and achievements… in essence we are focusing on ourselves.

What if there was a far easier and effective way to earn the trust (and business) of our most sought after prospects?

This potential magic bullet is a concept called social proof which is a relatively unknown idea yet it may just be more influential than any of your high marks and credentials.

Social Proof is the authority or influence created when someone discovers that other people are already doing something. In other words, using the actions of others to infer the value of a course of action.

“Social proof, also known as informational social influence, is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others reflect correct behavior for a given situation. This effect is prominent in ambiguous social situations where people are unable to determine the appropriate mode of behavior, and is driven by the assumption that surrounding people possess more knowledge about the situation.” – Wikipedia

On any given day we can observe countless examples of social proof. Consumer ratings (i.e. are a cyber version of social proof and those ratings influence our buying habits. For example, we are much more likely to buy a product that has 150 positive reviews than a similar product that only has two or three reviews.

Psychology Professor Robert Cialdini, conducted a number of studies in an attempt to find out if social proof is as powerful as he assume it was. In most cases his assumptions were proven accurate. People are greatly influenced by the actions of others and more often than not will choose what others have already chosen.

There are many types of social proof: Expert or celebrity endorsements, crowds (long lines) and referrals from friends, just to name a few. One of the most influential types of social proof is testimonials. Video testimonials on your legal website are exceptionally powerful when it comes to attracting new clients on the web.

In this era of the social networking, social gaming and social everything; social proof may be the new marketing method of choice.

If you want more business from the web, encourage past and present clients to write or video a testimonial. Prominently posting these testimonials throughout your site will allow new visitors to learn why your service is so great and should help move them quickly towards taking that next step.

How to Follow Up With Online Legal Leads

Online Legal marketing  is exciting and has the ability to make or break your firm… Tap into the vast number of potential clients online and your case flow can skyrocket. However, you can also get caught with your pants down, by trying to keep up with the “big boys” who have already “made it” and are now burning through huge sums of money “elephant hunting” for their next million dollar case.

Keeping your law firm competitive means understanding how to effectively market your services and attract new clients. Whether you like it or not you are paying for leads. You are either buying them directly from a vendor or you are indirectly buying them by paying for traffic to your website; SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click), Mobile Apps For Lawyers, TV ads, Social Marketing etc.

Any way you slice it you and your firm are purchasing leads and it is ultra important that you make sure you’ve got a plan in place to turn as many of those leads as you can into appointments and hopefully cases.

Precious Time
The number one folly that I see firms make is not following up immediately. Research has shown that when there is a delayed response to a lead the close ratio dramatically goes down. So, how fast should you follow up? Immediately! As in, right now! You may think it’s cool to wait as to not seem too eager but all you are doing is wasting precious time. The prospect is in the moment and ready to be helped by you or someone else if you give them the opportunity to spit the bit they will be gone. Carpe Diem and call that lead!

If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again.
While following up immediately is the number one most important tactic for online lead success, you can’t stop there. You must be willing to try and contact the lead several times in the first couple days. Everyone is busy and gets distracted. If you don’t get them on the phone right away then leave a voice message and quickly follow up with an email.
When leaving voice messages make sure to sound curious not desperate. Something like “Hi, this is Joe Blow from XYZ law firm. We are the best law firm in town and I’m sure you’d be pleased with our experience and service…” sounds salesy and desperate and is not likely going to get you an immediate call back. Instead, try creating a bit of curiosity and see if it doesn’t improve your success. “Hi, this is Joe Blow from XYZ law firm. You just visited our website ( and asked to be contacted. I’ve got an interesting question to ask you that may affect your case. Please call me at your next opportunity.” When they receive that message they can’t help but be curious to know just what that interesting question is.

Put Them in Your Database.
Even if you never make contact with the lead or it turns out that they are not a good fit that doesn’t mean you should just toss that lead in the trash. At the very least have your assistant put their name, number and email address into a spreadsheet. If you already have a drip marketing campaign then this is a great way to add to your subscriber list. Who knows, this may not be the last time this particular person needs legal help. Also, if you get lucky they’ll refer you to a colleague or family member in need of your services. Email marketing is cheap and a good way to keep your brand in front of an audience of potential clients.

Lead conversion is not difficult but it does take discipline and time. If you are willing to follow these few simple rules, have a system in place and stay consistent; you too might land a career changing case and be on your way to joining the “big boys” in their next elephant hunt.

Should My Firm Be Using Twitter?

The short answer is a “yes.” More and more people are using Twitter as a way to find news or information on the web. Twitter handles over 1.6 billion search queries per day. It is a great way to find specific real-time information.

You may encourage individual accounts with the firm, a general firm Twitter account, or both. Bottom line is that if you consistently tweet, your firm will get exposure. Even if you do not have that many followers, your tweets can still be viewed. There are opportunities for re-tweets, trending topics, and general searches. Twitter can be a great opportunity to show your firm’s personality. If your firm does any kind of special events or charitable actions for the community, be sure to tweet about these.

If you feel you are too busy to tweet yourself, or that practicing law is not exciting enough to tweet about, that is okay. It may be a good idea to have a marketing firm handle your tweeting for you. These firms will be sure to consistently tweet about current legal news and events, and include relevant links to give your firm the exposure it needs. The Search Engine Guys are experts at doing this for their clients.

It is a good idea to apply some sort of call to action within your tweet, such as a link to a specific subpage of your website. Links can help your organic search engine optimization (make your website show up higher on Google results when someone searches a topic relevant to your practice.)

Someone who finds your site through twitter may have a simple question or a serious pending legal issue. Once they are on your site, live chat can help engage that visitor in a conversation before they may leave, or jump to the next site. It is then our job to get a general understanding of their situation and position your firm as the experts they need to speak to. We will get their contact information and then forward the chat transcript to your firm right away. In short, Twitter may be able to help drive traffic to your site, and Ngage can help convert them.

Ngage Hits Major Milestone of More Than 500 Clients and Another Year of Record Growth.

Ngage’s unique pay-for-performance model enables significant growth while retaining a greater than 90% retention rate.

Austin, TX – Ngage ICS®, a Division of Cloud 8 Sixteen, Inc., the pioneer and market leader of Pay for Performance, 24/7, staffed live chat services, announced today that their total client list has now crossed the 500 mark. This achievement highlights the company’s leading position in the legal and healthcare industries.

Ngage’s rapid growth is being driven by its 24/7, staffed live chat solution which is unique in the industries it serves. Practices that recognize the value and importance of immediately interacting with their website visitor are relying on Ngage as the only provider offering a 24/7, cost-effective solution along with a complete backend management system, rapid contact delivery and top notch customer service. The combination of technology, attention to detail and customer service is an integral part of Ngage’s success.

Ngage revolutionized Live Chat with its pay-for-performance, 24/7, staffed live chat program. Compared to the traditional live chat model where a customer pays a monthly fee to use a software program and they are responsible for interacting with their website visitors on their own; a model that has been proven unsuccessful for busy Lawyers and Doctors.

Ngage is based exclusively on pay-for-performance, with the client financially responsible for only the results that the service delivers. With no long term contracts or fixed monthly fees, Ngage is allowing Practices of all sizes to capitalize on their preexisting web traffic. “By combining technology, a little psychology and a bit of human touch, we are able to increase conversion rates for our clients with our live chat software.”

While Ngage happily observes this 500-client milestone, the company is certainly not stopping and continues to look ahead, innovating and improving its strategies to increase visitor conversion in the Legal and Medical fields.

About Ngage ICS
Ngage was founded in 2008. We realized that the full extent of today’s technology was not being utilized and that by connecting consumers with web assistants via live chat, the visitors web experience would be vastly improved.
In addition, our research showed that most of our target market was achieving low, single digit conversion rates from their online marketing efforts.
Since then, Ngage has created a proprietary Clicks to Clients™ system and has helped organizations of all sizes turn their web visitors into pre-qualified contacts.

Mark Shepherd
Ngage, a Division of Cloud 8 Sixteen, Inc.
SOURCE: Cloud 8 Sixteen, Inc.

Should Lawyers Be Using Groupon?

Just about everyone not living under a rock has heard of Groupon.  Some people are huge fans of the daily deal aggregator and others, well, not so much. Regardless, I wondered if the service would be useful for a Legal Practice?

If you’re not already aware, Groupon is an online company that offers daily deals at all sorts of local businesses.  Basically, on behalf of local businesses they provide a coupon for 50% – 70% off of the retail price for a good or service.  After the buyer pays for the deal, Groupon sends them a coupon via email and Groupon and the participating business split the proceeds.  For retailers looking for additional exposure and/or traffic, Groupon can have a dramatic affect however, one needs to be very well aware of what they are signing up for.  Just try Googling “Groupon Horror Stories” to get a sample of some of their less than happy users.

But can Groupon benefit lawyers looking for more business?  In my opinion, the answer (like so often) is “it depends”.  It depends on the type of law that the attorney practices.  I don’t see Groupon being a very good fit for a personal injury attorney who more than likely is compensated on a contingency basis however I can see it working for an Estate attorney or for Legal Entity formation (LLC’s, Corps, etc). Basic Divorce filings could work but then again, maybe not… like I said, it just depends.

For a Lawyer considering using Groupon it’s important to check with your individual State Bar rules to make sure that in fact, you can use Groupon. The North Carolina ethics committee recently decided that Groupon violates state bar rules’ prohibiting fee splitting. They believe that consumers pay a predetermined price for the Groupon offer and that the participating lawyers subsequently split that fee with Groupon, a practice that violates North Carolina’s rules. This ruling seems a little ticky tack to me but I’m part of the advertising community.

So, in conclusion, I do think that certain Law Practices could see a nice bump in business by using Groupon. I would limit that opinion to firms that charge flat fees and/or can pretty well guage what the average case will cost. In practices where the attorneys are paid on contingency or there are multiple layers of variables for each case then I think that Groupon will do more harm than good; attracting new clients at a price that you are unable to perform is a recipe for disaster.

As always, in my opinion, if a Lawyer wants more business what they really need to do is aggressively market on the internet and ensure that they have a system to capture the lead and convert that lead into an appointment… Simple as that!

Why Lawyers Should Be Paying Attention to Facebook

According to The Nielsen Company, the average Facebook visitor spent a total of 7 hours and 45 minutes on the site during August 2011.  The second-place website, was AOL, whose users averaged only 2 hours and 52 minutes per month… less than half of the time spent on Facebook.

Facebook can be a marketing gold mine for Lawyers if used correctly.

The Nielsen Company Report went on to say that, Google gets more visitors than any other website  (176 million unique US visitors) and in total, nearly 215 million Americans were active on the Internet in August 2011.  In addition, they average more than 30 hours online in the month and went to 99 different domains.

So, if you are just now starting to think about internet marketing then Yes, you are a little late to the party but that’s okay.  You can get started now and it is our contention that your Attorney Marketing should be primarily focused on Google SEO, Facebook and on site Visitor Conversion.


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