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How to Follow Up With Online Legal Leads

Online Legal marketing  is exciting and has the ability to make or break your firm… Tap into the vast number of potential clients online and your case flow can skyrocket. However, you can also get caught with your pants down, by trying to keep up with the “big boys” who have already “made it” and are now burning through huge sums of money “elephant hunting” for their next million dollar case.

Keeping your law firm competitive means understanding how to effectively market your services and attract new clients. Whether you like it or not you are paying for leads. You are either buying them directly from a vendor or you are indirectly buying them by paying for traffic to your website; SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click), Mobile Apps For Lawyers, TV ads, Social Marketing etc.

Any way you slice it you and your firm are purchasing leads and it is ultra important that you make sure you’ve got a plan in place to turn as many of those leads as you can into appointments and hopefully cases.

Precious Time
The number one folly that I see firms make is not following up immediately. Research has shown that when there is a delayed response to a lead the close ratio dramatically goes down. So, how fast should you follow up? Immediately! As in, right now! You may think it’s cool to wait as to not seem too eager but all you are doing is wasting precious time. The prospect is in the moment and ready to be helped by you or someone else if you give them the opportunity to spit the bit they will be gone. Carpe Diem and call that lead!

If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again.
While following up immediately is the number one most important tactic for online lead success, you can’t stop there. You must be willing to try and contact the lead several times in the first couple days. Everyone is busy and gets distracted. If you don’t get them on the phone right away then leave a voice message and quickly follow up with an email.
When leaving voice messages make sure to sound curious not desperate. Something like “Hi, this is Joe Blow from XYZ law firm. We are the best law firm in town and I’m sure you’d be pleased with our experience and service…” sounds salesy and desperate and is not likely going to get you an immediate call back. Instead, try creating a bit of curiosity and see if it doesn’t improve your success. “Hi, this is Joe Blow from XYZ law firm. You just visited our website ( and asked to be contacted. I’ve got an interesting question to ask you that may affect your case. Please call me at your next opportunity.” When they receive that message they can’t help but be curious to know just what that interesting question is.

Put Them in Your Database.
Even if you never make contact with the lead or it turns out that they are not a good fit that doesn’t mean you should just toss that lead in the trash. At the very least have your assistant put their name, number and email address into a spreadsheet. If you already have a drip marketing campaign then this is a great way to add to your subscriber list. Who knows, this may not be the last time this particular person needs legal help. Also, if you get lucky they’ll refer you to a colleague or family member in need of your services. Email marketing is cheap and a good way to keep your brand in front of an audience of potential clients.

Lead conversion is not difficult but it does take discipline and time. If you are willing to follow these few simple rules, have a system in place and stay consistent; you too might land a career changing case and be on your way to joining the “big boys” in their next elephant hunt.

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