The Best Ways To Get More ReTweets – Professional Marketing on Twitter



Best Ways To Get More ReTweets – Professional Marketing on Twitter

One of the best ways, yet often disregarded, ways for Professionals to get more Twitter traffic is to simply get more retweets.

There are a number of techniques to increase your retweets and here are a few of our favorites:

Obviously you need to write great content and include your Twitter buttons in your website; make getting more retweets both easy and convenient.

In addition, you should add links in your tweets. Almost 60% of all retweets contained links meaning that if your tweet has a link it is more likely to get retweeted.

You may also want to consider adding retweet buttons throughout the text of your blogs and articles. Again, this goes with the theme of making retweeting easy and convenient.

Tweet Quotes: People love quotes and if you tweet a good one they are more likely to retweet it to their friends then some boring, uninspiring, gibberish. Tweet a inspiring quote and it is likely to get retweeted.

Use Big Words: According to studies, tweets that contained words with more syllables are more likely to be retweeted than similar tweets with small, unimaginative words. So, don’t dumb down your tweets if you want to get more retweets.

Timing Is Important: The majority of Twitter users are in East Coast Time and a large number of retweets happens at, or around 5 PM EST. In addition, tweets on Wednesday get the most visibility. So, to get more retweets, time your tweet for Wednesday at 5 PM EST.

Twitter can be a great marketing tool for Professionals in many different fields and the rule of thumb is that if you consistently tweet interesting, helpful information your followers will increase and you will get more retweets.

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