Why Lawyers Should Be Paying Attention to Facebook

According to The Nielsen Company, the average Facebook visitor spent a total of 7 hours and 45 minutes on the site during August 2011.  The second-place website, was AOL, whose users averaged only 2 hours and 52 minutes per month… less than half of the time spent on Facebook.

Facebook can be a marketing gold mine for Lawyers if used correctly.

The Nielsen Company Report went on to say that, Google gets more visitors than any other website  (176 million unique US visitors) and in total, nearly 215 million Americans were active on the Internet in August 2011.  In addition, they average more than 30 hours online in the month and went to 99 different domains.

So, if you are just now starting to think about internet marketing then Yes, you are a little late to the party but that’s okay.  You can get started now and it is our contention that your Attorney Marketing should be primarily focused on Google SEO, Facebook and on site Visitor Conversion.


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