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Just as sales representatives in a store might approach a customer and offer assistance, Ngage live chat allows your business to take the first step in initiating a transaction with a potential client. Ngage gives your websites’ visitors the chance to communicate with a live customer service representative on the spot, any hour of the day or night. Your business stands apart from other businesses by showing immediate interest and concern with the satisfaction of the customer, as opposed to the passive nature of other websites.

How Ngage Works


We politely greet each visitor to your website before they have a chance to navigate away


Our highly-trained operators interact with visitors and collect information about their situation.


We summarize the conversation and connect the web visitor with your firm.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"After setting up Ngage live chat on our practices' website, we saw our leads almost triple. Any practice looking to increase leads and conversion on their website should consider adding Ngage."

Aaron Feldman - Co-founder of the Foundation for Hair Restoration and Plastic Surgery, & founder of Medical Practice Specialists Inc.

"...if you look, you can find a company or two that will price similar service, lower. Well, long story short, after about 4 months of the new service, new leads had all but dried up and new clients were gone...he sent me an email and asked 'can we can get back with Ngage?'"

Michael Sumner, President - Sumner Group

"I've been contacted by many of the cheaper chat companies out there. I've stayed with you all because there is a noticeable difference. I recently obtained a high value boating accident case that Ngage converted for me."

William Gee III, Principal - Law Office of William Gee III

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Features & Benefits of Ngage Live Chat

24/7/365 Chat

Almost 40% of contacts occur outside of standard business hours. We make sure you don't miss out on these by having operators available around the clock, every day, even on holidays.
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Spanish Chat

We offer 24/7 Spanish Chat and staff Spanish speaking operators for clients who specifically market to Spanish speaking audiences with stand alone websites, or sections of their websites.
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Live Transfer

If your firm has the staff available, we can Live Transfer a chat directly to your law firm's intake phone line, allowing you to instantly connect with the visitor before they even leave the chat.
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Analytics Integration

You can track your Ngage data within Google Analytics or other platforms, all the way from the number of leads you receive to the number of people who click "No" to the chat invitation.
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CRM Integration

Entering contact details into a CRM system like Salesforce or Infusionsoft can be very time consuming. If you use a compatible system, we can directly and automatically import your Ngage leads' information into that system.
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Immediate Delivery

Once our operators conduct a chat, information that we capture is immediately delivered to you (and anyone on your distribution list) via email. You can also elect to have Ngage notify you via SMS text message
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Spanish Chat

Analytics Integration

Live Transfer

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