Ngage Live Chat Testimonials


Chris Kirker, Kirker Davis, LLP

Ian Inglis, Attorney at Law

Patrick Scott, Scott Law Firm

Holly Davis, Kirker Davis, LLP

We have used Ngage for several years and are extremely satisfied with both the chat service and the customer service. Ngage has increased the conversion rate for both our website and our cases.

Jeffrey Nadrich, Nadrich & Cohen, LLP

I am extremely pleased with Ngage. From the initial sales explanation, to billing, to customer support and operator attention to my potential clients, it has all met and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this service for any business.

Matthew R. Nahrgang – Principal, Nahrgang & Associates, P.C.

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am that the new site, which launched overnight, has already received the first chat. The firm had not been sure chat was necessary (of course it is!!!) and this backs me up. They had been pleased with the periodic chats that came in on their Legal Examiner page, now they can see the import of chat on their main site.

This is especially great since I was editing the page the chat came from just minutes after he initiated the chat!


Valerie Jones – Law Catalyst

“I just wanted to check in with you and let you know that everything is going wonderfully with your company and services. We are always pleased with the chat transcript and the person handling the chat. Your people are obviously very well trained. I wanted to pass this along because I feel there are so few times that people actually get to hear the positive in their field. Thank you for all of your help and input. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!

Heidi Boyd – Marketing Director, Attorney Dean Boyd

“Working in legal marketing field for over 25 years I have pretty much seen it all. From the yellow pages to the emergence of TV, from direct mail to the internet. It seems every three or four years there is a new medium for law firms to consider in their media mix.

One of the more effective platforms for law firms of all sizes is the services offered by Ngage. I currently have six clients using their service and Ngage consistently delivers strong internet leads that results into solid new cases. It is a good service and the ROI is strong.

I do have one client that is always looking for a better deal, and a lower price. And if you look, you can find a company or two that will price similar service, lower. Well, long story short, after about 4 months of the new service, new leads had all but dried up and new clients were gone. Client did not even want to talk to me about it… he sent me an email and asked “can we can get back with Ngage?” We were welcomed back like a wayward child that had come home. Call me for details.”

Michael Sumner, President – Sumner Group

“I’ve been contacted by many of the cheaper chat companies out there, I’ve stayed with you all because there is a noticeable difference. I recently obtained a high value boating accident case that Ngage converted for me.”

William Gee III, Principal – Law Office of William Gee III

“I love your company because you are an ally and not just a vendor. Other vendors that we work with, we talk with, get our bill and we pay. It has always felt like you and your company have taken a personal interest in our company and helping us to become the best law firm possible.”

Phil Harding, Principal – Harding & Associates

“I have had the pleasure to work with Amie Portis and Ngage for over three years now. After starting with Ngage on one of our firm’s websites, we now employ this indispensible chat service on three separate legal websites. Attorneys have many choices when it comes to selecting “live chat” vendors. Bottom line — you get what you pay for. If you want potential clients to convert into signed clients, offer them a professional quality “chat service” like Ngage. You will not be disappointed.”

Troy Rosasco, Senior Partner – Turley, Redmond, Rosasco & Rosasco, LLP

“So far so good! We are enjoying the instant notification and the ability to engage people to contact us. We have opened 2 cases out of the leads so far and probably will be able to open a couple more. I am happy as can be for now! Thanks for checking!”

Ronda Holloway, Executive Director – Ward Black Law

“We have yet to have one client who has implemented the Ngage software who didn’t see an increase in the number of leads generated by their website. We highly recommend Ngage services to our clients.” – Law Firm Marketing

“It is going great. I think we got 3-4 signed cases and several other prospects. Very happy so far.”

Michael T. Gibson P.A.

“I closed the first ngage lead i received! Put that in your testimonials!”

Rick Enrico

“I love working with Ngage! You have been a real asset to my practice.”

John Fisher — Mainetti, Mainetti & O’Connor, P.C.

“The operators do a great job of getting information, and this decreases the time spent on doing intake. Many times they are able to get more information than an intake specialist because, when on the phone, a potential client usually wishes to speak directly with an attorney, not the intake specialist. Furthermore, they may be embarassed about the situation, and may not want to tell it over and over again.”

Daniel Jensen — Law Office of Daniel Jensen, P.C.

“Ngage works, it’s that simple. It is by far one of the best investments we have made in 2011 and we are very pleased with the results so far. The support team is also very strong. Backed by Chris Corbett and others, if we ever had a question or concern, it was immediately handled with speed, quality, and more importantly with a solution. Thanks to Chris and Ngage for such a great product.”

Joe Morales, Director Of Marketing — Zachar Law Firm, P.C.

“Our law firm has been using NGage for the past year.  It is simply an incredible service for our firm’s clients!  The ability for NGage personnel to meet the immediate need of a potential customer for instant communication has brought us a dramatic increase in business.  NGage is always fair with our billings and stays involved with our site and our needs.  I wish I had know of them years ago!”

Scott Kramer, Firm Administrator — Jupiter Legal Advocates

“I love love love your chat service. I was just down in Palm Beach last weekend for a Network Affiliates convention. Several of the attorneys there, including me, provided stellar reviews of your services.”

Neil Chapman — Attorney at Law

“Ngage Live Chat is pulling the most potential new clients for my practice out of my many marketing initiatives . Out of those contacts I am capturing actual clients, not just contacts. Chris Corbett is very responsive and is a resource in all things digital. He made the whole live chat process very easy.”

Kelly Matthews — Kelly A. Matthews & Associates, P.C.

Our website has really blossomed since we started using the live chat. We are not a high volume practice: we have high case values so it doesn’t matter if only a few Ngage leads a month pan out – it’s reasonably priced and easily pays for itself.

David Meyer — David P. Meyer & Associates LPA

Ngage provides a new — and powerful — route to be contacted by potential clients. It’s worth every penny.

Matthew S. Harman — Harman Law LLC

The people that I get ahold of that are in my practice area, I get a higher percentage of them coming in to the office. It’s well worth the price per lead.

Michael L. Holland — The Holland Law Firm

Your service is AWESOME and we are most pleased.

Jill S. Bollwerk — Bollwerk, Ryan & Tatlow, LLC

“I LOVE your company, man. If you ever need me to write a testimonial or be a reference, please let me know.”

Rocky Slaughter — The Law Offices of Reiner, Simpson & Slaughter, LLP

Ngage Live Chat was a pretty small investment in my web marketing and I am confident it has delivered more contacts to my firm. Not all of these contacts turn into cases, but my firm is pulling in 1 case per month directly attributable to the chat feature and that is a very high return on the minimal investment. The fact that I am adding it to my other websites says it all.

David Resnick — David Resnick & Associates, P.C.

“Ngage has exceeded my expectations. I like how all the facts are there in the transcript for me to read on my iPhone or where ever I happen to be. I can quickly screen the case and determine whether there’s any merit. I then get back to the visitor right away by either email or phone.”

Neil Chapman — Attorney at Law

“Although I can’t say for sure which visitors to my site may have otherwise clicked through without Ngage, my clear sense is that I’m retaining a significantly higher number of contacts than I would without the live chat option.”

Pete Leehey — Pete Leehey Law Firm, P.C.

“I’ve been impressed by the number of chat transcripts we get now versus emails. It’s really boosted our return rates. I always make sure to mention you guys when I hear of another attorney trying to improve his website.”

Matthew Perry — The Masters Law Firm

“One of the reasons a potential client signed up with our firm was because of the great conversation he had with our live chat team aka “Ngage”. We believe this will be a great case. Thank you!”

John Boundas, Partner — Williams Kherkher Hart and Boundas

“I am really impressed with the service. Please tell your staff that I really appreciate their courtesy and patience.”

Jason Krasno — Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo

“I’d recommend Ngage to any company that’s serious about using its website as a means of generating new clients. What is very surprising is that there has been a noticeable gain in client contacts from our sites. The potential clients who use Ngage seem to be a different subset of potential clients than those who simply pick up the phone or use our quick contact form. Keep up the great work!”

Ian Inglis

“We had looked into using a live chat feature with our web company, but decided that without a staff to monitor and operate the chat, there wasn’t much value there. Now, we’ve doubled our lead volume from the website with Ngage’s live chat, and at this point, our new case intakes from live chat exceed our intakes from phone or direct email.”

Jeff Raizner

“I’d like to send you a quick note expressing my gratitude for your unique live chat services. Working with your company was a simple decision because of the minimal risk involved and it has proven to be worthwhile because of the clients I’ve brought on. I’ve been pleased with the response and level of attention to my questions — your company has been easy to work with even after the contract was signed. Thank you Ngage.”

Bill Gallagher — Arenstein & Gallagher

“If you aren’t utilizing Ngage’s Clicks To Clients system then you are missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your practice. This is the one if most cost effective ways we have found to build our business. Chat operators are courteous and very helpful in qualifying potential clients. I highly recommend their service.”

David Dimas

“Your customer service did an excellent job to help us create a custom chat solution that looks and feels like part of our site instead of an off-the-shelf add-on. From day one, Ngage has been a valuable addition to our existing customer service program. We have seen a significant ROI and we highly recommend Ngage to anyone running a website.”

President & CEO

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