Ngage Live Chat Features

Ngage Live Chat is a simple application that is installed on your website. Once installed, Ngage Live Chat is a way to interact with people who visit your website with the simple goal of capturing the details of their situation, any questions they have, their contact information while setting the expectation of a call back from the appropriate person within your office.

We Provide the Staff — 24/7/365 Chat Coverage

A primary feature that differentiates Ngage Live Chat from other chat services is that your visitors chat with us. We provide the “live” part of the chat. Perhaps this is obvious, but it’s a common misconception that we clarify daily with prospective clients. Our operators chat with visitors to your website so that you don’t have to. Unless you have full time 24/7 in-house customer service reps outsourcing the chat service, means you don’t have to worry about someone being busy, out to lunch, distracted, or out of the office when someone whats to chat. We’ve got you covered 24/7/365.

Immediate Delivery

Once our operators conduct a chat, information that we capture is immediately delivered to you (and anyone on your distribution list) via email. You can also elect to have Ngage notify you via SMS text message

Live Transfer

Another popular feature of Ngage Live Chat is Live Transfer which allows us to directly connect a prospect to you via phone immediately during an active chat.

Instant Callback

Similar to Live Transfer, Instant Callback allows a firm to receive a phone call immediately after a chat is completed.  This alternative also allows firms to select to receive only calls that meet certain criteria.  It also does not create unrealistic expectations for the visitor if the firm cannot always be there to answer the phone.

Spanish Chat

We offer Spanish Chat and staff Spanish-speaking operators for clients who specifically market to Spanish-speaking audiences with stand alone websites, or sections of their websites. Click here to read why you should consider this if you haven’t already.


Prospective clients can now initiate a text message directly from your Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click campaign or a Google Maps listing.  When the visitor clicks the message button, it is routed directly to the same Ngage chat operators, who are available 24/7.  We handle the conversations much like a standard “chat” and send you the transcript and contact info as soon as its completed.  It can be a very effective way to convert these visitors who are finding your business online.  Click here to learn more.

Analytics Integration

Ngage works with all major analytics providers out there, including Bing, Yahoo, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and more. We can work with you or your marketing firm so that Ngage information is directly integrated with these services, allowing you to gain a deeper and more comprehensive level of insight into what your marketing efforts are yielding. Additionally, we can help you interpret these results in order to make your marketing efforts more efficient.

CRM Integration

If you use a service like Smart Advocate, DSS, Captorra, Blue Orchid Marketing, Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Needles, Clio, or any other CRM or case management system, we can push your Ngage leads directly into these systems for you so that you don’t have to spend any time or effort manually inputting this data. Additionally, depending on what system you use, you may be able to automatically send emails, pamphlets, or information to people who contact you through Ngage. Talk to your Ngage rep about the various services available and let us help you find out how to make the most of this service.

Facebook Integration

Ngage live chat can integrate directly with the Facebook messenger feature on your company’s Facebook page.  Ngage chat operators will monitor these messages just like your main site, 24/7.  This allows you to convert even more visitors via live chat that may be finding your business on Facebook.

Automated Email/Text Functionality

To confirm for a prospect that you’ve received their chat inquiry and will be contacting them soon, turn on Ngage’s Automated Emails and/or Texts functionality.


For questions about additional features, please reach out. Give us a call. Chat us up.

Ready to get started with Ngage Live Chat? Contact us today at (877) 912-8668 to talk to a representative.