Instant Callback


Use Ngage Live Chat’s Instant Callback along with Email Followup to strike while the iron is hot.  Immediately speak with a visitor who has just converted with Ngage Live Chat.

We’ve had our Live Transfer feature to connect visitors in real time while they are still in the process of chatting, and now we’ve added Instant Callback.

Not every firm is available to be “on-call” to handle potential phone calls that may come through, and it can be a bad experience for visitors if they are given the expectation that they will receive a call immediately.

Instant Callback provides the best of both worlds. When a chat is completed, a phone call will be placed to your office informing you that you have a potential lead who has just chatted. If you’re able to take the call, you’ll get connected directly to the visitor and exceed their expectations.

If you aren’t available to take the call (or if you’d prefer not to), it’s no problem; just hang up the phone and reach out to the visitor when it is more convenient. We can also set up filters so that you don’t receive phone calls for certain types of leads, or so that you only receive phone calls for certain types of lead.

You can take this one step further with the Email Followup feature. If you’re not able to reach the visitor by phone, our system can send an email on your behalf to the visitor. For example:

Hi John, this is attorney Smith. I read your chat a few moments ago and this is something I’d like to discuss with you. Jane from my office will be reaching out to your shortly. Let me know if there’s a better time to call.

These features are included at no additional cost. Contact us if you’d like to get set up.

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