Alex Hambrick – Vice President, Ngage Legal

As Vice President of Ngage Legal, Alex trains, manages and oversees the team of Account Managers for our numerous law firm clients. One of his main goals is to ensure that the account managers uphold key values of our company: respect, honesty and transparency. He firmly believes in the value of setting proper expectations and never promising more than what can be delivered. Additionally, he is responsible for developing and managing mutually beneficial strategic partnerships with other companies whose clients might find Ngage to be a welcome addition.

“I think that the simple act of being honest and realistic with our clients can work wonders to set us apart from the pack. Being upfront about the risks and limitations creates an environment of trust and respect, which is much more effective and rewarding than simply saying whatever it takes to get the next client in the door.”

Previously, Alex has a diverse background that has covered many industries. At various points in his career, Alex has been a pharmacy technician, a carpenter, and even an assistant at a professional time management and organization company.

Outside of the office, Alex is an avid barbecuer and will generally tell anyone that listens that his brisket is now officially “award winning” (at least according to the International Barbecue Cookers Association.) Additionally, he has an unnatural fondness for baseball statistics (and baseball in general.) When he is not watching the Red Sox spend millions of dollars on underperforming pitchers, he can usually be found arms deep in Excel spreadsheets filled with funny-sounding numbers such as wOBA and BABIP.

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