Amie Portis – Director of Business Development, Ngage Legal

Amie Portis and her team work with hundreds of law firms throughout North America. She also works closely with marketing firms that serve the legal community. Converting traffic to inquiries, and inquiries into clients is the goal that Amie helps all of clients achieve; and while Ngagelive is central to this process Amie’s expertise extends beyond live chat into many other facets of the conversion process.

“I try to approach each of my clients in a way that acts in their best interest – by placing myself in their shoes.”

Amie graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a BA in Sociology and studied abroad in Costa Rica. She is also a licensed Texas Real Estate Agent.

Amie spends most of her time with her two daughters ages 9 and 11. They constantly keep her on her toes and Amie always has the funniest stories to share. Besides her children, some of her most favorite things are investment real estate, college football, the stock market, fast cars and collecting high heels.

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