Ngage Facebook Messenger Integration

Ngage live chat offers the ability to integrate directly with Facebook messenger on your company’s Facebook page.  What this means is if someone clicks on the Facebook messenger option, it will go directly to your same Ngage chat operators, 24/7.  They will convert the chat and deliver the opportunity the same way as a standard chat.  

This integration works for both desktop and mobile.  It allows you to convert the visitors on your Facebook page via live chat the same way that would on your main website, generating more total opportunities.  Also, with Ngage monitoring the chats 24/7, you can ensure there will be a quick response, which Facebook tracks and displays.  fbchat-example

There is no activation fee to set up Ngage for Facebook Messenger.  Set up is easy, we just need Admin access for the page, and can take care of the rest for you.  Contact your Ngage account representative or call (877) 912-8668 if you are interested in setting this up.

Ngage Messenger Integration on Desktop


Ngage Messenger Integration on Mobile




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