About Us

Ngage Live Chat was founded in 2008. When we initially launched Ngage, we did so on a single client website, and we knew very little about how chat worked at that time.  Our goal was simply to help increase conversion rates, and generate more leads… and of course to figure out the best process.

Since the early days, we have handled well over 2 million chats and have learned what works and what doesn’t.  As a result of the ongoing improvements, our clients have received more leads off their websites and Ngage has experienced tremendous growth.  Since 2008, we have earned the trust of thousands of clients who rely on Ngage Live Chat each and every day to convert visitors to their websites into leads.

Since the beginning our goal hasn’t changed. We exist to convert clicks into clients. The feedback we receive from clients is that Ngage Live Chat does exactly that.

If you are looking for an edge in your digital marketing, and a way to increase conversion rates on your website, reach out. Chat with us and test it out. Or give us a call. Within 10-15 minutes, one of our account managers (scroll down) can help you understand how Ngage works and provide an estimate (based on traffic to your website) for how many leads you can expect to receive in a given month. And of course they will explain costs, and all the ins and outs of how Ngage Live Chat works.  Contact us today to start the process.

Our Management Team

  • Erik Pyykonen – Director of Ngage – Austin
  • Roberto Berni – Director of International Operations – Austin
  • Amie Portis – Director of Business Development – Austin
  • Ryan Dabadie – Controller – Austin
  • Katie Klaras – Operations Manager – Austin
  • Tom Paci – Business Development Manager – Austin

Account Managers

  • Justin Capps – London
  • Danielle Dallaire – Austin
  • Robert Hangren – Austin
  • DavidLee Martinez – Austin
  • Julio Rodriguez – Austin
  • Jon Sykes – Austin
  • Brett Whitten – Austin
  • Alleisha Higgins – Austin
  • Jason Longoria – Austin
  • Justo Torres – New Providence
  • Julian Frazier – New Providence
  • Zackary Bussin – New Providence

Operations Support

  • Daniel Kerr – Austin
  • Robert Pearson – Austin

Employment Opportunities at Ngage

Interested in joining our team at Ngage? We have a dynamic team with a fun and flexible atmosphere. If you would like to know more about available employment opportunities with us, please send a resume and cover letter to our recruiter Hana Barznia, at hana.barznia@internetbrands.com.

Ready to get started with Ngage Live Chat? Contact us today at 877-912-8668 to talk to a representative.