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Ngage Interview with Amie Portis and Alex Hambrick

John McDougall, the publisher of The Lead Review, recently conducted an interview with Amie Portis, director of business development of Ngage Live, and Alex Hambrick, vice president of Ngage Live, that gives some deeper insight into Ngage, touching on issues such as the importance of prompt response, the ways these leads may differ from those obtained via other means, and some of the other services offered to Ngage clients.

Listen to the interview here.

Ngage Live Chat – CRM Integration

In the following video, Joe Devine, CEO of Cloud[8]Sixteen, and Alex Hambrick, Vice President of Ngage Legal, discuss “CRM Integration” with Ngage.

Ngage Live Chat – Google Analytics Integration

In the following video, Joe Devine, CEO of Cloud[8]Sixteen, and Alex Hambrick, Vice President of Ngage Legal, discuss “Google Analytics Integration” with Ngage.

Joe Devine and Mark Shepherd Discuss “Live Transfer,” a New Ngage Service

In the following video, Joe Devine, CEO of Cloud[8]Sixteen, and Mark Shepherd, President of Ngage Legal, discuss “Live Transfer,” the newest service available from Ngage.

All About Case Overflow

What is Case Overflow?

Case Overflow is a patent pending addition to Ngage Live Chat – it allows lawyers to instantaneously send potential clients (chats), that don’t apply to their practice to other lawyers within the Ngage network.

How does Case Overflow work?

When a lawyer receives a chat that falls outside the scope of their practice (either outside their geographic location, outside their practice areas or simply ‘not exactly the type of case they handle’) they can now simply hit a button that “sends the chat into case overflow”.

Upon doing so, the visitor (who initiated the chat) is automatically sent an email informing them that the law firm they contacted cannot handle their situation (due to the limitations mentioned above) but that another law firm within their network could potentially help.

The visitor must then opt in, by clicking “yes” for the process to continue. When they click “yes”, all relevant law firms (who have opted into Case Overflow) are notified of the potential opportunity if it fits the scope of their practice.

It is first come first serve – so the law firm that responds to the notification first, can select the chat within Case Overflow and receive access to the full chat transcript.

How much does Case Overflow cost?

Zero additional cost but you must be an Ngage client. All Ngage clients who “opt in” to Case Overflow can participate for free. However, Ngage reserves the right to remove participates who violate the terms of the service.

Why was Case Overflow created?

1. Efficiency! A visitor who took the time to chat with a firm, no longer has to start from scratch and re-explain their situation; likewise they do not have to repeat their search. Case Overflow helps connect visitors to lawyers who can and want to help.

2. Over the past 4+ years, many lawyers have requested that Ngage create a system like Case Overflow.

3. Value! As one of our clients stated, “Let’s leverage the whole cow.” Our clients receive thousands of viable leads that they personally can not handle (out of practice area, out of their geographic location, etc). However, the odds are very strong that we have another firm in the “Ngage Family” that can service this potential client. Why not help one of your Ngage brothers or sisters. Let’s create the biggest referral network in the legal industry together.

To learn more please contact Ngage at (877) 912-8668

The Lead Review: Ngage will “pay for itself very quickly.”

Ngage Live Chat got a nice write-up over on The Lead Review. John Mcdougall explains the many benefits Ngage on legal websites. Read the article here.

Please Don’t Call… I’d Rather Chat

No question about it.  Texting is changing the way people exchange information.  The amount that people communicate through text messaging (SMS, email, facebook, instant messaging) has increased massively in recent years.  The Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project found that Americans are beginning to prefer texting to calling.  According to the report, adults with cell phones send or receive an average of about 41 text messages a day.  Adults ages 18 to 24 send or receive an average of 109 texts each day. And those numbers are increasing.

Whether or not this change is a positive or negative change for society is up for debate. Many people believe that text messaging has had a negative influence; as it’s a less personal form of communication compared to talking with someone on the phone or in person.  Ngage Live Chat has embraced this concept.  The reality is that sometimes, impersonal is BETTER.  When a potential client conducting a search for a lawyer or doctor, it can be highly personal.   Privacy and sensitivity are critical elements and for some personality types, live chat can be the difference between taking the next step, or bouncing off a website.  Furthermore, live chat allows inquires to be conducted when an individual is at work (and perhaps shouldn’t be doing personal business), or in a public setting.  With live chat, personal and sensitive details can be shared without the risk of being overheard by “those pesky, eavesdropping coworkers” (you know who you are) or inquisitive strangers.  Simply put, live chat & text conversations allow for more privacy than phone conversations, and allow multi-conversations to occur simultaneously.

So remember… when your kids take out their phones at the dinner table, it’s not because they don’t like you; they’d just rather chat than talk.  It’s shorter, faster, and to the point.  We hope this article wasn’t too long.  Look on the bright side… at least we didn’t call you.  Let us know (chat us up or call) if you would like to discuss how Ngage Live chat can help your business.

What Do We Want? Information. When Do We Want It? Now!

No two ways about it, we are a culture of now.  When we want something, we want it twenty minutes ago.  As a culture, we are more than willing to pay premiums for speed. Direct flights, same day photos, overnight shipping, instant downloads, and video on demand are among the services we regularly pay more for.  Consider the rates for Comcast Internet Service, basic connectivity (up to 20 Mbps) can be purchased for $29.99 per month, whereas ultra fast service (up to 105 Mbps) will run $199.99 per month.   That’s 5 times the speed for over 6 times the cost.   Compare direct flights to connecting flights and the cost for speed relationship is even more apparent.

We’ve all become impatient when trying to find information, or waiting for a web page to fully load; the frustration of not finding what we’re looking for can be measured in speed.  It’s not that we can’t find something… it’s that we can’t find something immediately.

One of the primary benefits of Ngage live chat is that it allows for immediate interaction with potential clients.  You could argue that live chat taps into the “now impulse” that has come to define our culture.

If you are interested in exploring the specifics of how Ngage can help your business, call (or chat) with us to set up a time to talk.

The Benefits of Utilizing Spanish-Speaking Live Chat on Your Website

It is no secret that the US Hispanic population is growing at a rapid pace.  According to the 2010 Census report, the US Hispanic community grew by 43% in the last 10 years.  During this period, the Hispanic population topped 50 million for the first time, or roughly 1 out of every 6 Americans.

Over the past 18 months, these statistics have been discussed within Ngage / Cloud 8 Sixteen.  We have wondered how to make our clients more accessible to the Spanish speaking community.  Given that analysts predict that Hispanics could account for 1/3rd of the US population by 2050 – we concluded that it was critical to provide a live chat solution in Spanish.

Ngage is proud to offer its Live Chat feature in Spanish.  This means that if you have a website in Spanish, the Ngage Live Chat window will also display in Spanish.  It’s that simple.  If you have multiple sites, there are no extra charges after each site’s installation fee.  You will still only pay for the individual client leads that meet the criteria for legitimacy.

The operators who monitor the website are fluent in Spanish and will therefore better interact with your potential clients.  This is not a translation tool.  The operator will write intelligently using proper Spanish grammar. Your website’s visitors will not receive responses in the broken Spanish that you may find with translation software, which would in turn reflect poorly on your business or practice. These are actual Spanish-speaking operators, providing, yet again, another way to convert virtual eyes into real life clients.

If you would like to discuss this with an account rep at Ngage please contact us at 800.267.1704 (or chat with us and provide the best time for us to call).

Benefits of Live Chat

The Ngage live chat solution allows businesses to take the first step in initiating a conversation with a potential client. It also gives the websites’ visitors the opportunity to communicate with a live representative immediately, 24/7/365.

This service is designed for the websites of service providers: attorneys, doctors and medical professionals, financial planners, insurance agents, designers, accountants, etc.

Typically, when a customer browses a professional’s website, he or she has no option to ask questions. Many customers may have questions, but may not have the ability or the time to pick up the phone. Even if a website already looks great and generates phone and email contacts, a staffed “live chat” solution can increase the conversation rate. Much like having a live person answer the phone vs. sending a caller to voice mail, the interactivity of “live chat” can provide more comfort to prospective clients resulting in a greater rate of conversion.

Implementing Ngage is simple. A small script of code is uploaded to the website. Highly trained operators monitor the site 24/7. Every visitor is politely greeted and invited to discuss their situation. After the conversation with a live customer service representative, the chat transcript is professionally reviewed to ensure that the conversation was helpful and relevant. Then the visitor’s contact information and the chat transcript are emailed to the business; this occurs within minutes of the chat. The business only pays for the conversation if the visitor offers a way to contact them and their needs are relevant to the professional’s line of business.

Let’s use some hypothetical numbers to illustrate the cost benefit of live chat:
If you were to spend $10,000 per month on driving traffic to your site and ‘pre-chat’ received 100 leads, your cost per lead would be $100 per lead. If live chat cost $50 per lead (it is actually far less) and live chat increased your leads by 35% (in most cases far more) you would receive 135 leads for a cost of $11,750 and reduce your per lead cost from $100 to $87, while increasing your leads by 35%.
These numbers here are hypothetical. Chats cost far less than $50 per and the increase in total leads can be far greater than 35%. The point here is to illustrate how live chat can increase conversions while lowering the cost per lead.

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