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Case Overflow

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Mobile Leads

Away from the office? We send potential leads via email to your iPhone, Android or smartphone!
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Medical Live Chat

While success in converting chat leads into actual office visits varies from practice to practice, physicians using the service report that monthly leads have increased using Ngage — some significantly.
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Chat in Spanish

Need live chat for your Spanish site? We can help you engage Spanish-speaking visitors to your site.
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How Does NgageICS Work?

We upload a small piece of code to your website.
Our highly trained operators monitor your site 24/7.
Operators greet each web visitor and obtain details about their situation.
We then email the chat transcript to you.

What is Ngage ICS Chat Software?

Just as a sales representative in a store might approach a customer and offer assistance, Ngage live chat software allows your business to take the first step in initiating a transaction with a potential client. Ngage gives your websites' visitors the chance to communicate with a live customer service representative on the spot, any hour of the day or night. Your business stands apart from other businesses by showing immediate interest and concern with the satisfaction of the customer, as opposed to the passive nature of other websites.

The problem with web advertising lies in its passivity: when a customer browses a website, he or she has no option to ask questions and get immediate answers. Many customers may have questions or inquiries about your particular business, but may not have the initiative or the time to pick up the phone.

How Ngage ICS Works

Ngage live chat software allows clients to speak with a live representative immediately while browsing your website. After you choose Ngage services:

  • We upload a small script of code to your website.
  • Our highly trained operators monitor your site 24/7.
  • Each site visitor is politely greeted and invited to have their questions answered via our proprietary live chat application.

After the conversation with a live customer service representative, the chat transcript is professionally reviewed to ensure that the conversation was helpful and relevant. Then the visitor's contact information and the chat transcript are emailed to you. You pay only for the conversations in which the visitor offers a way for you to contact them and offer more assistance and services.

What Converting Website Traffic into Clients Can Do For Your Business

Especially in the competitive service industry, you need to reach out to your customers in every way possible. In today's age of technology, more and more potential clients are using the internet to search for services, and Ngage live chat software is the first step in reaching out to the customer. By offering live assistance, you stand apart from other services and can increase business through converting your website traffic into new customers.

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