Is Social Proof More Powerful Than Credentials?

When it comes to Lawyer Marketing, so often we are compelled to try and convince our potential new customers that we are the right choice for them. We do this by drawing attention to our credentials, awards, accolades and achievements… in essence we are focusing on ourselves.

What if there was a far easier and effective way to earn the trust (and business) of our most sought after prospects?

This potential magic bullet is a concept called social proof which is a relatively unknown idea yet it may just be more influential than any of your high marks and credentials.

Social Proof is the authority or influence created when someone discovers that other people are already doing something. In other words, using the actions of others to infer the value of a course of action.

“Social proof, also known as informational social influence, is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others reflect correct behavior for a given situation. This effect is prominent in ambiguous social situations where people are unable to determine the appropriate mode of behavior, and is driven by the assumption that surrounding people possess more knowledge about the situation.” – Wikipedia

On any given day we can observe countless examples of social proof. Consumer ratings (i.e. are a cyber version of social proof and those ratings influence our buying habits. For example, we are much more likely to buy a product that has 150 positive reviews than a similar product that only has two or three reviews.

Psychology Professor Robert Cialdini, conducted a number of studies in an attempt to find out if social proof is as powerful as he assume it was. In most cases his assumptions were proven accurate. People are greatly influenced by the actions of others and more often than not will choose what others have already chosen.

There are many types of social proof: Expert or celebrity endorsements, crowds (long lines) and referrals from friends, just to name a few. One of the most influential types of social proof is testimonials. Video testimonials on your legal website are exceptionally powerful when it comes to attracting new clients on the web.

In this era of the social networking, social gaming and social everything; social proof may be the new marketing method of choice.

If you want more business from the web, encourage past and present clients to write or video a testimonial. Prominently posting these testimonials throughout your site will allow new visitors to learn why your service is so great and should help move them quickly towards taking that next step.

The Difference Between Novices and Experts

How do you know if you’ve reached expert status?
It can be as simple as looking at the kind of feedback you are most likely to seek out and respond to.

According to a recent study from the Journal of Consumer Research, they found that the transition from novice to expert happens when we begin focusing on negative feedback.

The study suggests that when people are new at something, in an effort to stay committed, they seek positive feedback (e.g., “good job!”). On the other hand, experts are more focused on making progress and therefore look for and respond to negative feedback (e.g., what’s going wrong?).

So, whether you make your living as a personal injury attorney, lasik surgeon or live chat operator, if you find yourself looking more closely for negative feedback like how you can improve, then consider that a good sign, you may be an Expert.

Ngage Live Chat Surpasses 700 Sites

Ngage, the Live Chat division of Cloud 8 Sixteen, Inc recently announced that it has hit yet another milestone by adding it’s 700th web site. The data shows that the rate of adoption of Ngage’s Live Chat Service has more than tripled compared to the previous year.

Kim Curtis, Co-founder of  Ngage & COO of Cloud 8 Sixteen Inc, attributes the increase to a basic awareness of legal firms towards the importance of delivering 24/7 support to their clients and prospects. What once seemed like an optional feature or a gadget for high tech law firms is now becoming an essential strategic advantage for converting prospects and helping law firms adapt to the high-paced, information-now culture.

“These numbers show a fundamental shift in how lawyers view live chat support,” Curtis said. “The increased use of live chat has helped to turn Ngage live chat from a nice addition to an essential tool for attracting new prospects, providing client support, and being available around the clock.”

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Live Chat for your Blog

Many people have seen the benefits of live chat on their main website, but have not considered the results that could also come from their blog.  The traffic from your blog is inherently going to be very similar to that of your main site, and therefore similar potential clients could be waiting to be engaged in a conversation.  Blog visitors are often in the preliminary stages of educating themselves and researching whether or not they want to contact your office.  Live chat is a non-threatening option to begin the conversation because the potential client can remain anonymous for as long as they like.  These readers are usually looking for specific and unique information which means they are going to be very relevant to the topic of the blog.  This means that when they are converted into a contact, there is a high chance that they will be a good match for the services your business provides.

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